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Movie: “Snatch” (2000)

“Sanych” by Guy Ritchie

Title: Snatch

Year: 2000

Director: Guy Ritchie

Producer: Matthew Vaughn

Written by: Guy Ritchie

Music: John Murphy

Starring: Benicio Del Toro, Dennis Farina, Mike Reid, Rade Šerbedžija, Vinnie Jones, Brad Pitt, Jason Statham, Stephen Graham, Alan Ford, Sam Douglas, Robbie Gee, Lennie James.

Length: 104

Genre: Crime Film

Distributed: Columbia pictures (UK), Screen Gems (USA)

Released: August 23rd, 2000

What happens if an American jeweler, an ex-Russian KGB agent, a Londoner diamond dealer, and a boxing promoter meet together?

The result can only be an explosive situation in which everything is valid (and incredibly casual) to achieve his own purpose.

In the “Snatch”, Guy Ritchie created ironical, comical and casual situations where they – who were the less lucky and unrelated to the original story – get out as the incredible winner of the match.

Frankie “Four-Fingers” (Benicio Del Toro) robbed an 86-carat diamond to deliver to Doug “The Head” (Mike Reid), a Londoner diamond dealer, on behalf of theNew Yorkjeweler Cousin Avi (Dennis Farina).

But the thieves, who helped Frankie, wanted to obtain the gemstone, so they advised him to get a gun from Boris “The Blade” (Rade Šerbedžija), in order to have the diamond without being involved.

In the meantime, Turkish (Jason Statham), who needed a new caravan as office, contacted a group of gypsies to get the new one.

His socio Tommy (Stephen Graham) and one of the boxers went to the camp to complete the purchase, but, because of an impromptu challenge, the boxer was defeated by Mickey (Brad Pitt), a gypsy and new box champ.

They had a new athlete for the fight, whom it did not like to lose, by causing a lot of problem with the local gangster Brick Top (Alan Ford).

Boris, who had debts with the gangster, hired two careless pawnbroker, Vinnie (Robbie Gee) and Sol (Lennie James) in order to steal Frankie the diamond.

Subsequently the troubles in getting back the diamond, Cousin Avi flew toLondonwith his bodyguard (Sam Douglas) by hiring “Bullet-tooth” Tony (Vinnie Jones), a mercenary, by giving him the job to find Frankie.

The two stories converged incredibly by re-establishing the freedom of the gipsy and the recovery of the precious stone by they who had commissioned the diamond robbing.

A story directed in flawless way by Guy Ritchie who contains under a point of view a strong moral meaning: not always the weak is defeated by he who looks like the stronger and more powerful.

The viewer can taste funny interpretation of Brad Pitt who, from naïve gypsy, will reveal a cunning thinker an own-business man.