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“L.A. Woman – 40th Anniversary Edition” by The Doors

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Front cover of L.A. Woman, 40th Anniversary Edition

CD Album: L.A. Woman

Author: The Doors

Label: Elektra

Tracks: CD1: 10,

CD2: 9

Length: CD1 48:29

CD2: 51:17

Released: 24th January 2012

Price: £13.99


Every rock-lover has only to do one thing: close his eyes and listen to it – a scratching voice will drag you in a journey from which it will be difficult to emerge.

Elektra released a new re-mastered version of “L.A. Woman”, the last album by the Doors, to celebrate the 40th Anniversary, on 24th January.

The new release is composed of two CDs – the first is a copy of the original track-list, where it is impossible not to recognize immortal songs such as “L.A. Woman”, and “Riders on the storm”.

The second CD contains alternate versions of the same songs, enriched with the original comments between the band and Bruce Botnik, co-producer and sound engineer, during the registration in studio.

This can be defined the most blues-influenced album created by the band – Jim Morrison and his band managed the melody perfectly, creating an explosive mixture of involving rock and pure southern American blues.

“The changeling” is the opening song – Morrison’s voice is powerful and impeccable, as the involving melody of the Ray Manzarek organ, which compels the listeners to start swinging their bodies rhythmically without ever stopping.

But the first blues example is “Car hiss by my window”, a slow, frustrating, relaxing song which prepares the listener to the uncontrollable energy explosion of the following track – “L.A Woman”.

“Riders on the storm” is not only the most famous song of the album, but it is a portrait of Morrison life – he says: “Into this world we’re thrown like a dog without a bone,” referring to the deep wandering around which his life encapsulated, and the following verses, “The world on you depends our life will never end”, stress the extreme idea which he always had about the eternity of life after the death.

The second part of the album includes a never-before-heard song “She smells so nice”, an overcoming rock-blues song which is a hymn to an unidentified woman – probably one of the singer’s countless lovers.

Morrison’s life was a continuous run on the razor’s edge – constantly drunk, drug and alcohol addicted, frequently arrested for his insane behaviour, and always in love with other women – he was found dead at 27 in a flat in Paris, dramatically ending his and his band’s career.

Listening to the Doors is a way to re-discover one of the most famous bands of the Sixties, and to analyse the story of one of the most influencing artists of world music.

This is a fabulous album which intermingles music and poetry skilfully, and it plunges the listeners in the past when to be rule-breaking rocker was not a fashion but it was a proper and real way of living.


“L.A. Woman” – 40th Anniversary Edition – Podcast

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“Lulu” by Lou Reed and Metallica

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CD Album: Lulu

Author: Lou Reed and Metallica

Label: Warner Bros.

Tracks: 10

Length: 87:04

Released: October 31st, 2011

Price: £8.99

Sixties rock’n’roll created a huge number of myths and legends, including a few names such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Lou Reed.

They changed the world of music completely.

During the eighties heavy metal, was a genre coming from rock made another music revolution, creating new myths and legends as Iron Maiden and Metallica.

When two big myths put together their talent, the result can only be explosive.

This is the case of “Lulu”, a collaborative album by Lou Reed and Metallica.

The story of this masterpiece started two years ago, during Rock and Roll of Fame’s 25thAnniversary, when the metal band and the songwriter played together for first time.

In February 2011 Kirk Hammet, Metallica guitarist, announced that his band had started working on a new work “not a 100 per cent metal record”.

After a few weeks James Hetfield, leader and singer of theLos Angelesband, revealed the collaboration with Lou Reed.

The artists finished recording in June and the label, Warner Bros, released the album on 31stOctober.

“Lulu” is a two CD concept album based on two plays, “Earth spirit”, 1895, and “Pandora’s box”, 1904, written by the dramatist Frank Wedekind.

These plays tell the story of Lulu, a woman living on street who is saved by a gentleman.

But the huge selfish nature of this woman, imbued with greed, thirsty of power, passion, perversion and hunger for money, will lead her to certain death.

The first CD contains six tracks and it tells us the beginning of the Lulu drama.

The music, arranged by Metallica, gives a perfect gloom and dull atmosphere, while the suffering voice of Lou Reed, who wrote all lyrics, transmits despair to the listener.

The worst sides of the human nature are examined in a deep introspective way.

The second CD is four tracks long and more melodic, the message transmits eternal damnation.

Lulu is a desperate woman, “I don’t have the strength I once had”, the Reed verses declare.

The power and ability to obtain everything has become useless now, the material wealth can not avoid a mortal destiny.

The last song, “Junior dad”, is an excruciating meditation about the past life of Lulu, without a hint of regret, but only the strong desire of living forever.

Probably the fans will be disappointed, this is not a usual Metallica or Lou Reed album, it is “Lulu”, it lives an its own life, detached from the genre of these musicians.

This is a demanding and well-made musical effort which tries to analyse a difficult matter as the human nature deeply.