About Me

Samuele was born  on 21st March 1983 in Savona, Italy.

He started his educational career and in 1989, completing the first stage with the Scuola Media (Primary High School) in 1997.

Subsequently he enrolled in Liceo Scientifico (Secondary High School), taking the Diploma in 2003.

Following his interests in journalism, politics, economy and sociology he enrolled in Università degli Studi of Genoa, Faculty of Political Science, taking his University degree in March 2011.

His working career started when he was 17, working as waiter at Mirand Hotel, situated in Varazze during the summer season.

He worked the following summers at Fatebenefratelli Hotel (2002/2003/2004) and Italian Restaurant “l’Euro” (2004/2005/2006).

In October 2006 he started working at Ipercoop “L’Aquilone”, situated in Savona and in May 2007 he advanced in career starting a professional training to become Team Leader, completing it in May 2009, but in October 2009 he resigned.

Since 13th September he has been in London where he attended a Postgraduate Course at the London of Journalism since 26th.

After taking the final exams on 3th and 5 th April, Samuele is looking for a job in the media sector to practise his journalistic knowledge.

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