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Travel: Saint Petersburg – Imperial beauty and revolutionary atmosphere

Source: johnnyjet.com

If Moscow is the city of contradictions, Saint Petersburg is the city of the conflicts.

The city is the symbol of Russian nobility and aristocratic powers – in 1732 it became Imperial capital under Empress Anna – but it is also symbol of revolution, the Decembrist Revolution in 1825, the Revolution of 1905 and the October Revolution in 1917.

Its architecture is a massive representation of neoclassical design, and in the Nineteenth century the prominent architects, coming from all over Europe, contributed to this development – among the artist can be listed Antonio Rinaldi e Carlo Rossi from Italy, Jean-Baptiste Vallin de la Mothe and Jean-François Thomas de Thomon from France, and the Russian Andreyan Zakharov and Andrei Voronikhin.

Nevsky Prospect (Nevsky Avenue) is the main street, crossing the city from West to East – it was built under Peter the Great, it contains the most fashion shops and restaurants, alternated with church, square and monuments.

Saint Petersburg is site of one of the most famous and old museums in the world: the Hermitage.

Founded in 1764, it holds a huge exhibition of cultural and artistic art works from prehistoric to modern age – among the main artists can be listed Giorgione, Titian and Veronese from Italy, Velàzquez and Murillo from Spain, and Rembrandt from Netherlands.

Its imposing structure looks onto Neva, the main river of the city.

This gorgeous exhibition of richness and aristocracy collides with the history, and Saint Petersburgwas the set of the most important revolutionary event of the Twentieth century, the Bolshevik Revolution – which will start the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

This artistic-historic contrast fills the entire atmosphere of Saint Petersburgthat is not possible to feel this fizzy ambient walking through its streets.

The Hermitage Museum Source: launchphotography.com

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